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Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving: Bye Bye Stubble

Smooth skin has a feeling like no other. Achieving smooth skin with razors is extremely challenging. And, even when you are able to shave an area without nicks or irritation, stubble can return within just a few hours. The good news is that laser hair removal allows you to bid farewell to the daily grind of shaving and enjoy silky, stubble free skin all of the time.

We are continuing the conversation discussing why laser hair removal is preferred over shaving, especially when it comes to lasting, smooth skin. Let’s explore how hair removal laser treatment works and why it’s such a game changer for achieving smooth skin.

Laser hair removal is a long term solution that tackles the root of the problem – literally. One of the reasons why Manhattan Laser Centers has earned the reputation for delivering the best hair removal treatment is because we use a true medical laser. The FDA approved CANDELA medical laser is the gold standard in hair removal laser treatment. The laser targets hair follicles, thus stopping hair growth and eliminating the need for shaving.

So, yes, you really can say goodbye to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and those pesky bumps that seem to appear out of nowhere. Laser hair removal also saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent on tedious hair removal rituals. Imagine being able to slip into your favorite swimsuit or pair of shorts without having to worry about unsightly hair growth.

If you are seeking permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers is the laser hair removal center of choice serving New York City and surrounding areas. Our transparent pricing policy on all of our hair removal laser treatment services means you know up front what your laser hair removal will cost. Additionally, our qualified laser hair removal technicians are experienced and sensitive to your needs. We serve both men and women and are a LGBTQ+ safe zone. Give us a call to get started on your laser hair removal journey today!