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Laser Hair Removal NYC
Laser Hair Removal NYC

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Laser Hair Removal Services for Men

Not all hair removal centers welcome men.  When it comes to laser hair removal, New York City residents know that we not only offer quality services, but we welcome everyone! We are gender agnostic and proud to serve both men and women.  And, we are an official LGBTQ safe zone as identified on Google. Let’s […]

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Difference

What is the Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal? We are often asked about the difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal.  New York City is chock full of providers who claim that electrolysis is better than laser hair removal.  Here are a few facts so you can decide for yourself. Electrolysis is an […]

Laser Hair Removal – Resolving Ingrown Hairs Forever!

Ingrown hairs cause bumps and discoloration of the skin.  They can also be very painful.  Imagine if you could permanently get rid of pesky and unsightly ingrown hairs?  Well, you actually can with medical laser hair removal. New York City’s preferred laser hair center offers treatment for ingrown hairs.  In fact, Manhattan Laser Centers are […]