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Laser Hair Removal NYC
Laser Hair Removal NYC

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Why Some Men Have Laser Hair Removal Performed on Their Underarms

Some people think that laser hair removal on the underarms is only for women.  On the contrary, more and more men are opting to have hair removal laser treatment performed on their underarms. Our next series of articles will take a look at some of the reasons why the trend of men seeking laser hair […]

Women’s Facial Hair

All women have facial hair. However, when it becomes excessive, course, and/or thick, it can be difficult to manage and cause issues with self-confidence. One solution to this problem is laser hair removal. We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the most common causes of excess facial hair in women. Our previous […]

A Discussion on Women’s Facial Hair

Excess facial hair can be a cause of embarrassment for women. This is especially true if the hair is dark and/or thick. When someone comes to us seeking permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers is sensitive to their concerns and the reasons why laser hair removal is important to them. We see many women who […]