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A Discussion on Women’s Facial Hair

A Discussion on Women’s Facial Hair

Excess facial hair can be a cause of embarrassment for women. This is especially true if the hair is dark and/or thick. When someone comes to us seeking permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers is sensitive to their concerns and the reasons why laser hair removal is important to them. We see many women who wish to have hair removal laser treatment performed to eliminate excess facial hair.

We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the causes of excessive facial hair in women. Our previous article covered the fact that genetics and adrenal gland issues can each play a role in growth of facial hair in women. Let’s take a look at a few more causes:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS causes cysts to form on the ovaries. While these cysts are often benign, they are the culprit that causes a plethora of problems including irregular menstrual cycles, fertility issues, and excess hair growth on the face. Our laser hair removal center treats many women with PCOS, helping them feel better about their appearance and restoring their overall confidence.


A change in hormone levels, particularly estrogen, can cause an increase in facial hair. Hormones can be affected by pregnancy, menopause, or a hormone-related issue in the body. We see numerous women in menopause who come to us seeking laser hair removal.

Our next article will cover more causes of excess facial hair in women.

The face is a very sensitive area, so you want to choose a provider with a reputation of delivering the best hair removal treatment services. If you truly want permanent hair removal,  Manhattan Laser Centers is the preferred laser hair removal center servicing New York City and surrounding areas.  In addition to treating single areas including the face, we can perform hair removal laser treatment on larger areas (i.e., full legs laser) and even full body hair removal.