Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC – A Breakdown of Our Services

Permanent hair removal Manhattan

When it comes to permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers offers the best laser hair removal in NYC.  We go above and beyond to ensure our valued clients have an enjoyable experience.  We specialize in Candela laser hair removal which is safe and effective.  Our FDA cleared Candela laser can be used on all skin types.  Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the laser hair removal services we offer:

Full Body Hair Removal

Full body hair removal can be performed on both men and women.  The number and frequency of treatments depends on factors such as the amount of and thickness of body hair.  Many athletes and models seek full body hair removal for professional purposes.  We also treat everyday men and women who are tired of dealing with shaving and/or waxing body hair.

Laser Hair Removal on Specific Body Parts

We can perform hair removal laser treatment on certain parts of the body, including the arms, legs, chest and back.  Facial hair removal with laser is one of our most popular services.  Unlike many laser hair removal centers, when we treat specific body parts, we do so in a way that looks natural.

Laser Hair Reduction

Some of our clients wish to simply reduce the amount of body hair on a certain area.  Laser hair reduction is a service we offer.  We can also re-design your hair.

We offer the best laser hair removal in NYC and guarantee your satisfaction. If you are seeking permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers has you covered.  Give us a call today!