Hair Removal Laser Treatment vs. Waxing

Hair Removal Laser Treatment vs. Waxing

We understand there are many hair removal laser treatment options to consider. Previous articles discussed some of the advantages of choosing laser hair removal over electrolysis. Our next series of articles will contrast hair removal laser treatment and waxing.

Waxing Process

Waxing involves using hot wax to pull hair away from the follicle. An applicator is used to apply the hot wax. Then, fabric is applied in the direction of the hair growth.  Then the fabric is pulled off the skin in the opposite direction. The results are not permanent, lasting only a few weeks.

Laser Hair Removal Process

Hair removal laser treatment involves utilizing a medical laser to target and destroy the hair shaft without damaging the surrounding skin, resulting in permanent hair removal. Manhattan Laser Centers uses the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser for all laser hair removal treatments.

Our next article will discuss more differences between waxing and laser hair removal.

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