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Laser Hair Removal – Men’s Body Areas

Laser Hair Removal – Men’s Body Areas

(part one)

Men come to Manhattan Laser Centers because we are one of the few that will perform hair removal laser treatment on men.  Whether you are seeking hair reduction, body hair removal treatment on specific areas, or full body hair removal, we can help!  This article is the first of a multi-part series focusing on men’s body areas for laser hair removal.


Whether you desire just the upper legs or lower legs, or, wish to have us perform full legs laser hair removal, we have you covered!  The lower leg laser hair removal includes the area from above the knee to the top of the ankle bone.  Upper leg consists of the area from the top of the leg to the top of the knee.  Full legs laser hair removal includes both of these areas from the top of the leg to the ankle.


When it comes to the stomach, we can perform both hair reduction and permanent hair removal.  Manhattan Laser Centers customizes this treatment for each client, treating surrounding areas to ensure you achieve a natural look.


Permanent chest hair removal or reduction is the one of our most popular requests.  We will conduct a personal consultation to discuss our approach and ensure the end result looks natural.

Our next article will highlight laser hair removal on the neck, face, head and ears.  If you want the best in laser hair removal, NYC residents need to look no further.  Manhattan Laser Centers works with both men and women and we are gender agnostic.  Don’t settle for inferior methods such as depilation.  NYC is full of spas that offer treatments which do not result in permanent hair removal.  Manhattan Laser Centers uses the FDA cleared Candela laser hair removal process, which is safe, effective and permanent. Give us a call to learn more today!