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Laser Hair Removal: Safety Precautions and Considerations

Laser Hair Removal: Safety Precautions and Considerations

Laser hair removal is a procedure that permanently reduces and/or removes unwanted hair. It works by damaging the follicles that produce hair, so hair is no longer able to grow. There are a few safety precautions you should review and consider as you embark on this innovative and effective procedure. Our next series of articles will discuss this in more detail. Let’s get started:

Make Sure Your Technician is Qualified

Laser hair removal offers a wide array of both aesthetic and health benefits. However, not every laser hair removal center is qualified to deliver hair removal laser treatment services. You should seek treatment from professionals who have extensive experience in laser hair removal and are dedicated to ensuring your safety and achieving the best possible results. Prior to undergoing laser hair removal, a thorough assessment of your skin and hair types is essential. This evaluation assists in determining the appropriate approach to address your unique needs.

The Laser Makes All The Difference

Be sure to ask what type of laser your laser hair removal center uses. Many utilize intense pulsed light (IPL) which is not a true laser. Be sure your hair removal laser treatment is performed using a true medical laser. When it comes to hair reduction or permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers uses the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser which is safe and produces exemplary results.

If you want the best hair removal treatment, Manhattan Laser Centers is the laser hair removal center of choice for people living and working in New York City and surrounding areas. We would love to meet you and talk more about our laser hair removal offerings, including full legs laser and full body hair removal. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today!