Laser Hair Removal for Women

Permanent hair removal Manhattan

Our previous series covered laser hair removal for men.  This series will discuss hair removal laser treatment for women. If you are looking for permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers offers treatments using the FDA-cleared Candela laser. Hair removal has never been so comfortable and easy!


Many women shave or wax their arms. This often results in stubble, ingrown hairs, cuts and scrapes.  Why endure this several times a month when laser hair removal can permanently reduce or eliminate the hair.  Our full arms laser hair removal permanently gets rid of hair and leaves skin smooth and soft.  This treatment includes the area from just under the shoulder to the wrist.


Belly hair that is shaved, waxed or plucked can become irritated or infected.  Hair removal laser treatment can permanently remove unsightly belly hair. This laser hair removal treatment includes the mid line from the bikini area to just above the belly button.

Full Bikini (Brazilian)

The bikini area definitely should not be waxed or shaved due to its extreme sensitivity. Our full bikini / Brazilian laser hair removal eliminates re-growth stubble and creates a smooth, flawless area. This laser hair removal treatment includes the bikini line slightly over the underwear and the full area and center of the buttocks.

Whether you want us to treat a single body part or desire full body hair removal, we can help.  Don’t settle for just anyone; you deserve the best laser hair removal! NYC residents trust Manhattan Laser Centers because we are experienced and use the FDA-cleared Candela laser.  Hair removal with us is safe, efficient and permanent.  Give us a call today!