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More Laser Hair Removal Questions Answered

More Laser Hair Removal Questions Answered

We are continuing to answer your questions about laser hair removal. Our previous articles covered the safety aspects of laser hair removal, treatment costs, the fact that it is painless, how long you can expect your hair removal laser treatment to take, different hair/skin types, and how laser hair removal – including full legs laser and full body hair removal – is permanent. Let’s look at more commonly asked questions.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Scarring?

No, hair removal laser treatment does not cause scarring.  We use the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser which is designed to address the hair shaft without damaging the surrounding skin.  If you have sensitive skin, please let your technician know before they begin performing laser hair removal.

Can I Go Out After My Hair Removal Laser Treatment?

Yes!  You can immediately return to your normal activities. Laser hair removal is non-invasive which requires no recovery time.  Some of our clients schedule their hair removal laser treatment appointments during their lunch hour then return to work.

Our next article will be the final in our series answering your questions about laser hair removal.

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