Overall Benefits of Hair Removal Laser Treatment

Overall Benefits of Hair Removal Laser Treatment

Our latest series of articles covers the differences between waxing and laser hair removal. We discussed in previous articles what the laser hair removal and waxing processes themselves entailed. We also covered the differences in cost and the comfort aspects of hair removal laser treatment. Today, we will look at more benefits of laser hair removal.

Less Painful

Hair removal laser treatment is not painful. Most people report feeling at most tiny pricks vs. the extreme pain that is often experienced with waxing. This in itself makes laser hair removal much more desirable. Waxing is something that will need to be repeated throughout your lifetime, and many people dread having to go through such a painful process over and over again.

No Ongoing Hair Growth

As we discussed in our previous article, waxing does not achieve permanent hair removal and is a process that will need to be repeated throughout your lifetime. Waxing requires approximately ¼ inch of hair growth to be effective. So, you will need to allow your hair to grow out before you can receive your next waxing treatment. If you want to be hair-free forever, then hair removal laser treatment is the better option for you.

Our next article will cover more advantages of laser hair removal.

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