Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas for Women

full body hair removal

When it comes to hair removal, women often consider options such as waxing, depilation, laser hair removal or electrolysis.  The safest, most effective is laser hair removal performed with true medical lasers.  Manhattan Laser Centers is considered one of the best laser hair removal in NYC because we are qualified, experienced and use an FDA cleared medical laser.

Although we are experts in full body hair removal, most women prefer to focus on certain areas.  Permanent laser hair removal takes approximately 10 sessions but can vary depending on the amount and thickness of hair.  Let’s take a look at some popular laser hair removal areas for women:


This includes the armpit and areas slightly above and below.


Permanently remove hair from the area from just below the waist to the line where the legs meet the buttocks.

Full Bikini

This is also referred to as Brazilian and includes the bikini line slightly over the underwear, full area of the buttocks and center of the buttocks.


We treat the mid line extending from the bikini area to just above the belly button.

Lower Legs

Includes the area from above the knee to the top of the ankle bone.

When deciding between waxing, depilation, laser hair removal or electrolysis consider whether you want the hair removal to be permanent.  Laser hair removal using a true medical laser is the only permanent solution.  Waxing and electrolysis are also very painful. Advanced laser technology is much more precise and less painful than in the early days of laser hair removal.  Today, most people describe feeling a series of tingling sensations as the laser works its magic.

Whether you need full body hair removal or just want to focus on a specific area, we can help!  If you want the best laser hair removal in NYC, then make an appointment with Manhattan Laser Centers today.