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Post Hair Removal Laser Treatment Guidelines

We are continuing our series of articles discussing what you can expect after receiving hair removal laser treatment. Our previous article discussed how laser hair removal may feel a bit like a sunburn for a few hours or days afterwards. We also covered the importance of avoiding hot showers, baths, spas, and saunas for a minimum of 12 hours after your hair removal laser treatment. Today, we will discuss two more recommendations to consider after you’ve had a laser hair removal session.

Take It Easy

Although laser hair removal treatments are quick and painless, you should still avoid strenuous activities for at least 12 hours afterwards. It is completely normal for the skin on and around the treated area to be slightly red and swollen for several hours. It is a good idea to refrain from exercising, jogging, and any other type of related activity until the redness and/or swelling does away.

Avoid Irritants

You should avoid anything that could irritate your skin for at least one full week after you’ve had hair removal laser treatment. This includes staying away from acids, retinoids and anything else that can cause skin irritation.

Our next article will cover more recommendations to consider after you’ve had a hair removal laser treatment session.

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