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Types of Laser Hair Removal Processes

Types of Laser Hair Removal Processes

When you see a laser hair removal center advertised, do you consider the type of laser technology they are using? Each laser hair removal center has its equipment which can widely vary. Our next series of articles is designed to familiarize you with different types of hair removal laser treatment processes.

Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is utilized by numerous laser hair removal centers. However, IPL does not use true laser technology. It utilizes a broadband light source which, unlike true medical lasers, affects more of the skin surrounding the hair follicle. IPL is also not effective on darker skin tones.


The Diode laser system is a form of laser hair removal that is capable of a long wavelength. The issue is that Diode hair removal laser treatment works using slower repetitions and tends to be more painful than other types of laser hair removal processes.

Our next article will cover more laser hair removal processes, including medical lasers.

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