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What Makes Manhattan Laser Centers Different?

What Makes Manhattan Laser Centers Different?

We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the reasons why Manhattan Laser Centers is different from the ordinary laser hair removal center. Our previous article covered the fact that Manhattan Laser Centers uses the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser, a proven technology that is effective in performing hair removal laser treatment. We also discussed how our laser hair removal center is proud to serve everyone – men, women, and all members of the LGBTQ+ communities. Today, we will look at two more aspects that make Manhattan Laser Centers different.

Free Consultation

At Manhattan Laser Centers, your initial consultation is always free – regardless of whether or not you are seeking laser hair removal of a single area (i.e., chin, bikini, etc.) or larger area (i.e., full legs laser, full body hair removal, etc.) If you are contemplating hair removal laser treatment, we invite you to schedule your free, no obligation consultation which includes a complementary patch test.

Transparent Pricing

Manhattan Laser Centers is known for being a laser hair removal center with transparent pricing practices. Our prices for hair removal laser treatment are openly displayed on our website. There are no hidden fees.

Our next article will cover more reasons to consider Manhattan Laser Centers for laser hair removal.

We are proud to offer the best hair removal treatment in New York City and surrounding areas. When it comes to permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers is a trusted and reliable laser hair removal center with more than 15 years of experience. We invite you to schedule your free laser hair removal consultation with us today.