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After Care for Laser Hair Removal

When you have hair removal laser treatment performed, taking care of your skin afterward is super important. Aftercare instructions are designed to keep your skin healthy and thriving. After laser hair removal, your skin might feel a bit sensitive. Following the aftercare tips provided by your laser hair removal technician helps protect your skin. We’ve discussed in previous  articles the importance of pampering your skin and avoiding any type of heat after your hair removal laser treatment session. Here are a few more helpful tips:

Don’t Apply Pressure

The treated area needs time to heal, so avoid applying any type of pressure to the area for at least a few days. This means no scratching, tweezing, scrubbing, or rubbing! Body scrubs are a definite no-no as they contain abrasives that are designed to exfoliate the skin.

Avoid Swimming

Avoid swimming for at least 48 hours after hair removal laser treatment. Swimming pools contain chemicals that can irritate your freshly treated skin. Natural bodies of water can harbor bacteria, algae, and other components that can irritate the skin.

As we’ve discussed, following some reasonable aftercare tips can help your skin heal and ensure you are on the path to silky-smooth results!

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