Answering Your Questions About Hair Removal Laser Treatment

We are continuing our series that answers some of the most common questions about laser hair removal.  Our previous article covered the fact that hair removal laser treatment is not a painful process.  We also discussed that the duration of each laser hair removal session varies depending on the thickness of the hair and area(s) being treated (i.e., face, full legs laser, full body hair removal, etc.) Today, we will explore more questions commonly asked about hair removal laser treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal performed by the professionals at Manhattan Laser Centers is safe. We are highly trained and qualified and concentrate solely on laser hair removal. Whether we are treating a single area or working on multiple areas (i.e., full legs laser, full body hair removal, etc.) we use only the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser.  This is a proven, safe method which is why when it comes to permanent hair removal, Manhattan residents choose us for their hair removal laser treatment needs.

Is Hair Removal Laser Treatment Expensive?

Good news! The best hair removal treatment in New York city is very affordable!  We have a transparent pricing policy for both men and women.  There are no hidden costs for permanent hair removal. Manhattan Laser Centers offers single session treatments as well as package options.

Our next article will answer more questions about laser hair removal.

When it comes to the best hair removal treatment and permanent hair removal, Manhattan residents know that Manhattan Laser Centers is the one to trust. We treat both women and men.  Our laser hair removal center is LBGTQ friendly.  Give us a call or schedule an appointment to get started today!