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Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

As a premier laser hair removal center, Manhattan Laser Centers takes pride in offering quality and affordable services to our valued clients.  Unlike med spas and surgery centers, we only concentrate on providing permanent hair removal.  Manhattan Laser Centers utilizes the safe and FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser to provide the best hair removal treatment in New York City. There are many myths surrounding laser hair removal that sometimes keep people from seeking treatment. Our next series of articles will answer some of the most commonly asked questions people have about laser hair removal.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Some people who avoid hair removal laser treatment do so because they fear it will be painful like some other forms of hair removal.  In reality, laser hair removal is quite painless.  If anything, some clients report feeling small prickles on their skin.

How Long Does Hair Removal Laser Treatment Take?

The length of each session and your overall laser hair removal treatment will vary depending on the thickness of your hair and body part(s) being treated.  For instance, full body hair removal will require longer sessions than full legs laser.  In general, most laser hair removal treatments can be performed in under 30 minutes and require approximately eight sessions to complete.

Our next article will answer more of your questions about hair removal laser treatment.

If you are seeking the best hair removal treatment, look no further.  When it comes to permanent hair removal, Manhattan residents and those in surrounding areas know who to trust.  Manhattan Laser Centers performs all types of laser hair removal, from treating a single area to full legs laser and even full body hair removal. Our laser hair removal center caters to both men and women and is a LGBTQ safe zone.  Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!