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Answering Your Questions About Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal

We are continuing to answer your questions about men and laser hair removal.  New York City has many laser hair removal centers, but few that serve men.  At Manhattan Laser Centers, we serve both men and women and are also gender agnostic and a LGBTQ safe zone.

We are continuing to answer more of your questions about laser hair removal for men:

How do you ensure that my laser hair removal looks natural?

Whether you want to focus on a specific area (i.e. facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal, buttocks laser hair removal, etc.) or full body hair removal, we take extra steps to ensure a natural look.  For instance, when we treat shoulders, we also treat the upper arms  and a portion of the upper chest at no additional charge.  This helps the areas blend and look natural. When we treat the back and shoulders, we include the upper arms, full shoulders, upper line of the chest, full back, sides, the back of the neck and the hairline at no additional charge. We even go the extra mile to make the hair fade-in if you are keeping hair on connected areas.

Should I start with one body part or consider more?

It’s up to you.  Some men prefer to start with full upper body, full lower body, or full body hair removal. When treating multiple areas, we greatly discount additional areas and offer a customized price that is less than paying for each separately.

Will laser hair removal become less costly over time?

Absolutely. Some areas may require less sessions. Your intervals between sessions will also become longer. The majority of the laser hair removal process occurs within the first 6-8 sessions.  After that, we can easily schedule your follow-up sessions either immediately or several weeks down the road.

Do you perform laser hair removal on private areas?

Yes. We do not discriminate and you do not need to feel self-conscious about discussing any topic or area. We have several clients who have laser hair removal on their genitals and buttocks for esthetics and/or hygiene reasons.

You deserve the best laser hair removal in NYC.  Not only are we experienced and qualified, but we serve everyone and are honest and transparent with our pricing.  Give us a call to schedule your first laser hair removal appointment today!