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Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC for Men

Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Part One

Why is Manhattan Laser Centers considered one of the best laser hair removal in NYC?  There are many reasons, but a big factor is that we are very sensitive to the specific needs of men and understand that many men are self-conscious about hair removal. While we treat both women and men, there are many providers that only work with women. Our clientele is comprised of an even mix of both men and women.

We offer full body hair removal and treat private areas upon request.  In addition to full body hair removal, men often request specific areas including facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal and buttocks laser hair removal. We are also well qualified in designing facial hair for men which includes reduction, removal and re-design for the face, cheeks, sideburns, neck and hairline.

Our next article will answer some questions men commonly ask about laser hair removal.

If you or a gentleman you know are considering full body hair removal, hair removal on a specific area, or hair reduction, don’t settle for an inferior alternative such as laser hair removal or electrolysis at a spa or hair removal center that is not experienced or qualified.  Make an appointment at Manhattan Laser Centers to ensure you receive the best laser hair removal in NYC!