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For Men: Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Part Two

Manhattan Laser Centers has been treating men for more than two decades.  We are one of the few laser centers that treat men, which is one reason why we are considered by many to be the best laser hair removal in NYC.

We often see men who have previously tried depilation, laser hair removal or electrolysis.  Depilation and electrolysis are not permanent, and laser hair removal performed by an unqualified treatment center often yields undesirable results.

Whether you are seeking full body hair removal or a specific area such as back laser hair removal, facial laser hair removal or buttocks laser hair removal, we can help!  We are sensitive to the special needs of men and are happy to answer your questions.  Here are a few common questions we receive about laser hair removal for men:

Can people tell that I removed my hair?

Once the lasered hair falls out (usually after seven days), you will look as if you never had hair in that area.  This applies to both area specific hair removal (i.e. facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal, buttocks laser hair removal, etc.) as well as full body hair removal.

Will it look natural?

Absolutely. In fact, it will look natural and more aesthetic than before.  This is not the case with other non-permanent methods such as waxing, electrolysis or depilation. Laser hair removal will result in a significant improvement and will not cause new problems. There is no downside to laser hair removal for men.

Will it look natural in-between the sessions? Can I take my shirt off before my treatments are complete?

Absolutely. You will look natural after the first seven days. During laser hair removal treatment, we will kill the roots and it will take seven days for them to fall out. Once they fall out the pores will close in and your skin will look perfectly smooth, as if you never had hair to begin with. You will not be able to tell that you ever needed the treatment and can go to the beach or pool enjoying your new image. This is not the case with waxing, electrolysis or depilation.

Our next article will continue to answer questions about laser hair removal for men.  Whether you need full body hair removal or a specific area, Manhattan Laser Centers is the best laser hair removal in NYC.  Give us a call today!