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Laser Hair Removal: Why You Should Not DIY

Laser Hair Removal: Why You Should Not DIY

We live in a do-it-yourself (DIY) society where people take on just about anything and everything from home remodeling to making their own beer and wine.  While DIY can be fun and rewarding in some areas, there are other areas that should be saved for the professionals.  Laser hair removal is one of them.  Sadly, there are many DIY laser hair removal kits that are flooding the market.  While they may sound like a bargain, there are many reasons to avoid DIY laser hair removal:


The safety of DIY laser hair removal treatments is questionable at best.  A trained professional using an FDA cleared medical laser has the knowledge and experience to safely perform laser hair removal treatments.  They also know how to adjust the laser to different skin types and can address specific concerns such as sensitive skin.


The goal of laser hair removal is to achieve permanent hair reduction and/or removal.  DIY laser hair removal methods are often not only ineffective, but it is difficult to gauge the current length and number of treatments needed without professional training and experience.


The adverse reactions associated with DIY laser hair removal is significant.  Some of the side effects of DIY laser hair removal include swelling, redness, blisters, scarring and discoloration.

Full Body Hair Removal

Full body hair removal is a process that should only be performed by a trained professional.  When it comes to full body hair removal, DIY methods should definitely be ruled out.

If you want the best laser hair removal in NYC, look no further.  Not only are we professional and experienced, but we are also affordable.  DIY comes with many problems that make it not worth the risk.  Why use a questionable DIY method when the best laser hair removal in NYC is within reach?  Give Manhattan Laser Centers a call to book your appointment today.