At-Home vs. Professional Hair Removal Laser Treatment

At-Home vs. Professional Hair Removal Laser Treatment

At-home hair removal laser treatment devices have been showing up in stores and on the Internet.  While performing laser hair removal at home may sound appealing, there are many reasons to consider a professional laser hair removal center.  Let’s take a look:

Laser Quality

Most in-home laser hair removal devices do not actually use lasers.  They use Intense Pulse Light (IPL), an inferior technology that emits a broad spectrum of light which does not permanently remove hair. In fact, IPL is really just an alternative to waxing. Manhattan Laser Centers uses a true medical laser that is FDA cleared for all of our hair removal laser treatment services.


Whether you are treating a single small area or a larger area (i.e. full legs laser, full body hair removal, etc.) experience does make a difference.  The professionals at our laser hair removal center have more than 15 years of experience working with all skin types and density of hair.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Why are we a preferred provider of permanent hair removal?  Manhattan Laser Centers offers a complete satisfaction guarantee.  Why take a chance and DIY when you can receive the best hair removal treatment with a satisfaction guarantee?

If you are considering laser hair removal, remember that not every laser hair removal center has the experience, quality and satisfaction guarantee equivalent to Manhattan Laser Centers.  We’ve earned a reputation for providing the best hair removal treatment in Manhattan and surrounding areas, a distinction we don’t take lightly! Give us a call to learn more today.