Pitfalls of Shaving

Laser hair removal

Part Two

We are continuing our series on the pitfalls of shaving and reasons to consider hair removal laser treatment.  Our previous article covered the fact that shaving is temporary and laser hair removal is permanent.  We also discussed how shaving can cause various types of skin irritation.  Today, we will take a look at two more reasons to consider hair removal laser treatment.

Shaving Can Cause Ingrown Hairs

We discussed how shaving can irritate the skin in our previous article.  This continued irritation is more than just annoying.  It can actually lead to a bigger problem of ingrown hairs.  Once you have hair removal laser treatment performed on a part of your body, you no longer need to shave and therefore eliminate this annoying and unsightly shaving pitfall.

Shaving Requires Ongoing Purchases of Supplies

Shaving cream, razors, blades, lotions and after shave are among the shaving supplies that must be purchased on a regular basis.  Laser hair removal is permanent, thus eliminating the need for shaving supplies.

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