Reasons to Ditch Shaving Forever

Laser hair removal

Part One

Still shaving?  If so, you are not alone.  However, if you are tired of the hassles involved with shaving and are interested in a solution for permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers can help. Laser hair removal using true medical lasers is effective for permanent hair reduction and hair re-design.  Our next series of articles discuss the pitfalls of shaving and some reasons to consider hair removal laser treatment.

Shaving is a Temporary Solution

Shaving provides only a temporary hair removal solution.  And, depending on the area, amount and thickness of your hair, you may need to shave once a day or more to keep unwanted hair at bay.  Hair removal laser treatment is permanent.  There is no need to worry about that five o’clock shadow or shaving your legs again before going out.  Whether you want full body hair removal, full legs laser, or a specific part of the body treated, rest assured you will never have to contend with stubble again.

Shaving Often Results in Irritated Skin

Shaving irritates the skin in the worst way.  People with sensitive skin are especially susceptible.  Shaving is an invasive and abrasive process of dragging a blade flat against your skin to get the closest shave possible.  Razor burn, red bumps, cuts and

overall irritation are some of the downfalls of shaving.  Laser hair removal is permanent and does not involve constantly irritating your skin.

Our next article will cover two more reasons to consider laser hair removal and ditch shaving forever.

Manhattan Laser Centers is a premier laser hair removal center located in the heart of New York City.  We offer the most experienced and best hair removal treatment in NYC. Our laser hair removal center works with all skin types and we are LGBTQ friendly.  Our state of the art Candela medical laser is safe and FDA cleared. When it comes to permanent hair removal, Manhattan residents know where to go! Give Manhattan Laser Centers a call to schedule an appointment today.