Full Body Hair Removal

Full Body Hair Removal

We are often asked about how laser hair removal is performed.  We can either conduct your hair removal in stages or perform full body hair removal.  The truth of the matter is that it really is a personal preference.  Let’s take a look at the two options we offer for full body hair removal

Full Body Hair Removal in Stages

If you choose full body hair removal in stages, we will treat one or more areas at a time depending on your preference and level of comfort.

Hair removal laser treatment areas for men include full arms, lower arms, back, back and shoulders, full bikini, bikini line, buttocks, chest, ears, face, head, full legs laser, lower legs, upper legs, neck, shoulders, stomach and underarms.

Laser hair removal areas for women include full arms, belly, full bikini (Brazilian), bikini line, buttocks, chin, face, full legs laser, lower legs, upper legs, neck, sideburns, underarms and upper lip.

Full Body Hair Removal All at Once

We can also perform full body hair removal all at once.  This involves treating the entire body during multiple sessions.  The specific time and number of sessions depends on the thickness and texture of your hair.  Some of our clients who are seeking full body hair removal prefer this approach because they can more quickly achieve permanent hair removal.  Manhattan Laser Centers offers this and our experienced team of professionals works to accommodate your level of comfort.

Manhattan Laser Centers offers the best hair removal treatment options throughout Manhattan and surrounding areas.  Not every laser hair removal center takes the time to ensure the complete comfort of their clients.  We invite you to experience the Manhattan Laser Center difference today!