Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

(part two)

We are continuing our series on some of the many benefits of permanent hair removal.  Manhattan Laser Centers is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their hair removal or reduction objectives.  Our previous article discussed how laser hair removal saves time and looks natural. Today, we will look at two more benefits of hair removal laser treatment.

No More Irritation or Ingrown Hairs

Shaving often results in ingrown hairs and other types of skin irritation.  Laser hair removal is a permanent solution that eliminates the need for shaving, thus also removing the possibility of shaving related skin problems.

Saves Money

A small investment in hair removal laser treatment can save you a tremendous amount of money over the long term.  Eliminate the ongoing cost of razors, creams, lotions, and other shaving related products.

Are you ready to try permanent hair removal?  Manhattan Laser Centers offers the best hair removal treatment available. And, unlike the laser hair removal center that uses intense pulsed light (IPL), we use the FDA cleared Candela medical laser.  This proven system addresses hair at the root vs. only treating fine hairs on the surface.  We perform laser hair removal on all skin tones and skin textures as well. We are also gender agnostic and LGBTQ friendly. Whether you need a specific area (i.e. full legs laser, chin, chest, etc.) or full body hair removal, your friends at Manhattan Laser Centers can help.  Give us a call to schedule your initial laser hair removal consultation today!