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Laser Hair Removal for Men of All Ages

Laser Hair Removal for Men of All Ages

We are often asked about what age is ideal for laser hair removal. The answer is any age, however, the objectives may be different during various stages of your life. Our next series of articles will cover laser hair removal for both men and women of all ages. Let’s get started with addressing men:

Men 18-40

If you had excess or unwanted hair in your teens, then it will likely carry over or get worse as you age. If you have excess hair or thick hair, laser hair removal can address this. Common laser hair removal and reduction areas in men include the arms, back, chest, buttocks, bikini area, ears, face, stomach, neck, shoulders, and full legs laser.

Men 40+

Once you reach your 40’s, unwanted hair can develop in areas where it never developed before. Your skin is also more sensitive, so shaving, waxing, and other methods of hair removal may be even more irritating on the skin. Some men age 40 and above sometimes choose to have hair removal laser treatment on specific areas, while others opt for full body hair removal or reduction.

Whether you want hair reduction or permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers can help. We are the premier laser hair removal center servicing New York City and surrounding areas. We welcome both men and women and are LGBTQ friendly. If you want the best hair removal treatment, look no further. Give your friends at Manhattan Laser Centers a call today.