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Post-Care for Facial Laser Hair Removal

Post-Care for Facial Laser Hair Removal

The face is an especially sensitive area of the body, so for best results, it is important to follow post-care recommendations following each hair removal laser treatment. Your laser hair removal technician will provide you with specific guidelines based on your particular case, but there are a few general recommendations that apply to everyone.

Avoid the Sun

It is imperative to avoid exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays for several weeks following facial laser hair removal. Tanning beds should be avoided for a few weeks as well.

Keep Away from Chemicals

Do not use any chemicals on your face two days before hair removal laser treatment is scheduled to be performed anywhere on your facial area, and then avoid them for at least two weeks after. This includes facial scrubs, retinol, glycolic acid, chemical peels, etc.

Use Lots of Moisturizer

Your skin will be dry after each hair removal laser treatment, so be sure to use a lot of moisturizer for a few weeks after laser hair removal or until the dryness subsides.

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