Laser Hair Removal Myths and Facts

laser hair removal

Part 2

There are a lot of false rumors spreading about laser hair removal.  New York City has many providers, but few who use a true medical laser.  Problems can arise with methods that do not use true medical lasers.  Last month, we debunked the following myths about laser hair removal using true medical lasers:

  • You can only use laser hair removal on light skin – False
  • Laser hair removal is not for men – False
  • Laser hair removal is unsafe – False

This month we will expand on a few more laser hair removal myths.

Laser hair removal hurts

False.  Most clients report that laser hair removal feels like tiny pricks on the skin, but nothing that is painful.

Laser hair removal is expensive

False.  At Manhattan Laser Centers, it is not expensive for laser hair removal.  NYC does have providers who are not transparent with their pricing.   With us, you always know the costs up front.

All laser hair removal centers have the same technology

False.  In fact, when it comes to laser hair removal, New York City is full of providers who claim to use lasers but instead use intense pulsed light, an inferior technology.  At Manhattan Laser Centers, you can take comfort in knowing that we use true medical lasers.

When it comes to quality, transparency and experienced laser hair removal, NYC area residents need to look no further.  Schedule your appointment with Manhattan Laser Centers today!