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Let’s Talk Truth About Laser Hair Removal

We are continuing our series of articles designed to address the TRUTH about hair removal laser treatment. Our previous articles covered the fact that laser hair removal is not painful and is permanent when performed by an experienced practitioner using a high-quality medical laser. Today, we will dig deeper into another truth about laser hair removal.

Truth: Laser Hair Removal is For Everyone

While laser hair removal is a popular choice for women, an increasing number of men are also opting for this treatment to remove unwanted hair and/or reduce hair in certain areas of the body. Common areas of treatment for men include the back, chest, stomach, and legs. We’ve even performed full body hair removal on many men.

There’s no reason why men can’t benefit from laser hair removal just as much as women. In fact, men who want a more well-groomed look may find that laser hair removal is an excellent solution for achieving a cleaner, more polished appearance.

Our next article will uncover another truth about hair removal laser treatment.

If you’re considering permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers has earned the reputation of being among the best hair removal treatment centers in New York City and surrounding areas. Not every laser hair removal center has qualified practitioners utilizing a true medical laser. We chose the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser because it is safe, reliable, and has a proven track record of excellent results. Manhattan Laser Centers is also proud to be a LBTGQ+ safe zone. Contact us to schedule your laser hair removal consultation today.