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Uncovering the Truth About Laser Hair Removal

We are continuing our series of articles that uncover the truth about the laser hair removal process. Our previous article debunked the myth that hair removal laser treatment is a very painful process. We discussed how laser hair removal is not painful, especially when compared to some other forms of hair removal such as waxing, and how the most you may experience with laser hair removal is a slight pricking sensation. Today, we will uncover another TRUTH about laser hair removal.

Truth: Laser Hair Removal is Permanent

One of the most persistent myths surrounding laser hair removal is that it’s not a permanent solution. When hair removal laser treatment is performed properly and with quality equipment, it is permanent. Manhattan Laser Centers has trained, qualified technicians who perform all of our laser hair removal treatments using the FDA cleared CANDELA medical laser. This is a true laser, not a cheap, intent pulsed light (IPL) device like what is used in a typical, lower end laser hair removal center. Our laser is effective on all hair types and colors and can be used for hair removal laser treatment of small areas (i.e., chin, upper lip, etc.) or large sections of the body (i.e., full legs laser, full body hair removal.)

Our next article will cover another truth about laser hair removal.

If you’re looking for the best hair removal treatment for permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers has you covered. Our laser hair removal center is different from most because of our up front, transparent pricing, experienced and friendly technicians and staff, and quality equipment used to perform our hair removal laser treatment services. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us today!