Tips to Keep in Mind as You Prep for Your First Hair Removal Laser Treatment

Hair Removal Laser Treatment

We are continuing our series on preparing for your first hair removal laser treatment. Our previous article discussed the importance of shaving the areas being treated beforehand and refraining from being out in the sun a few days before laser hair removal is to be performed.  Today, we will provide a few more tips to help you prepare for your first hair removal laser treatment.

Ask Before Taking Medications

Some medications, especially those such as antibiotics which are photosensitive, can cause skin to become irritated after hair removal laser treatment.  If you plan to take any medications prior to laser hair removal, we advise that you check with us before doing so.  We also recommend staying away from certain topicals such as those that contain retinoid and alpha hydroxyl a few days prior to hair removal laser treatment.

Stock Up on Moisturizers and Lotions

You should apply plenty of moisturizers and lotions after hair removal laser treatment.  This will help keep your skin from drying out and also soothe the areas treated.

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