Prepping For Your First Laser Hair Removal Service

Prepping For Your First Laser Hair Removal Service

We have been answering some of the most commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal treatment. It is important to note that our series of articles relate to the laser hair removal services provided by Manhattan Laser Centers.  Not every laser hair removal center has comparable experience and/or technology, which is why we are considered among the best hair removal treatment centers in the nation.

Let’s answer more of your questions about laser hair removal.

Shave Before You Come

We ask that you shave the areas we are treating before you come. This will help us achieve maximum results.  We use the FDA cleared CANDELA laser which is very effective in laser hair removal.  Shaving beforehand allows the laser to target the hair follicles more easily. While we encourage you to shave before hair removal laser treatment, we ask that you please do not use any waxing products.

No Sunburns or Tans!

We do ask that you refrain from being out in the direct sunlight for a few days before your laser hair removal treatment.  Sunburned and/or tanned skin can make laser hair removal more difficult.  Additionally, when laser hair removal treatment is performed on sunburned or tanned skin, you run the risk of irritation.

Our next article will be the final article in our series that answers questions about laser hair removal.

When it comes to the best hair removal treatment and permanent hair removal, Manhattan Laser Centers is one of the preferred providers in the nation.  Our affordable hair removal laser treatment can be performed on a single small area (i.e. chin) or large area (i.e. full legs laser).  We even perform full body hair removal. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.