Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis: Which is Better?

We are often asked about the differences between laser hair removal and electrolysis.  Laser hair removal was actually developed to replace the “older” technology of electrolysis.  Let’s take a look at some of the differences:

Side Effects

When considering laser hair removal or electrolysis, laser hair removal has much less risk of side effects than electrolysis. Scarring and/or infection may occur with electrolysis. When performed by an experienced professional, laser hair removal using an FDA cleared medical laser is completely safe.

Treatment Time

Most areas can be treated with a laser in a few minutes.  Electrolysis takes much more time per session.  And, in most cases, electrolysis requires an average of 30 treatments whereas with laser hair removal, the desired result can often be achieved within 10 treatments.


Bottom line, electrolysis hurts!  Electrolysis involves placing a needle into the hair follicle and passing electric current through the follicle.  This not only results in pain and discomfort but swelling as well. It is for this reason alone that when many people are asked if they would like laser hair removal or electrolysis, they choose laser hair removal.

Full Body Hair Removal

When it comes to full body hair removal, laser hair removal is much more practical and comfortable than electrolysis.  The number of electrolysis treatments needed for full body hair removal is extremely high compared to laser hair removal.

Why settle for electrolysis when you can get the best laser hair removal in NYC.  Manhattan Laser Centers is experienced, affordable and gender agnostic.  We happily welcome both men and women.  Give us a call to book your appointment today!

Laser Hair Removal: Why You Should Not DIY

We live in a do-it-yourself (DIY) society where people take on just about anything and everything from home remodeling to making their own beer and wine.  While DIY can be fun and rewarding in some areas, there are other areas that should be saved for the professionals.  Laser hair removal is one of them.  Sadly, there are many DIY laser hair removal kits that are flooding the market.  While they may sound like a bargain, there are many reasons to avoid DIY laser hair removal:


The safety of DIY laser hair removal treatments is questionable at best.  A trained professional using an FDA cleared medical laser has the knowledge and experience to safely perform laser hair removal treatments.  They also know how to adjust the laser to different skin types and can address specific concerns such as sensitive skin.


The goal of laser hair removal is to achieve permanent hair reduction and/or removal.  DIY laser hair removal methods are often not only ineffective, but it is difficult to gauge the current length and number of treatments needed without professional training and experience.


The adverse reactions associated with DIY laser hair removal is significant.  Some of the side effects of DIY laser hair removal include swelling, redness, blisters, scarring and discoloration.

Full Body Hair Removal

Full body hair removal is a process that should only be performed by a trained professional.  When it comes to full body hair removal, DIY methods should definitely be ruled out.

If you want the best laser hair removal in NYC, look no further.  Not only are we professional and experienced, but we are also affordable.  DIY comes with many problems that make it not worth the risk.  Why use a questionable DIY method when the best laser hair removal in NYC is within reach?  Give Manhattan Laser Centers a call to book your appointment today.

Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Part Two

Manhattan Laser Centers has been treating men for more than two decades.  We are one of the few laser centers that treat men, which is one reason why we are considered by many to be the best laser hair removal in NYC.

We often see men who have previously tried depilation, laser hair removal or electrolysis.  Depilation and electrolysis are not permanent, and laser hair removal performed by an unqualified treatment center often yields undesirable results.

Whether you are seeking full body hair removal or a specific area such as back laser hair removal, facial laser hair removal or buttocks laser hair removal, we can help!  We are sensitive to the special needs of men and are happy to answer your questions.  Here are a few common questions we receive about laser hair removal for men:

Can people tell that I removed my hair?

Once the lasered hair falls out (usually after seven days), you will look as if you never had hair in that area.  This applies to both area specific hair removal (i.e. facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal, buttocks laser hair removal, etc.) as well as full body hair removal.

Will it look natural?

Absolutely. In fact, it will look natural and more aesthetic than before.  This is not the case with other non-permanent methods such as waxing, electrolysis or depilation. Laser hair removal will result in a significant improvement and will not cause new problems. There is no downside to laser hair removal for men.

Will it look natural in-between the sessions? Can I take my shirt off before my treatments are complete?

Absolutely. You will look natural after the first seven days. During laser hair removal treatment, we will kill the roots and it will take seven days for them to fall out. Once they fall out the pores will close in and your skin will look perfectly smooth, as if you never had hair to begin with. You will not be able to tell that you ever needed the treatment and can go to the beach or pool enjoying your new image. This is not the case with waxing, electrolysis or depilation.

Our next article will continue to answer questions about laser hair removal for men.  Whether you need full body hair removal or a specific area, Manhattan Laser Centers is the best laser hair removal in NYC.  Give us a call today!

Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Part One

Why is Manhattan Laser Centers considered one of the best laser hair removal in NYC?  There are many reasons, but a big factor is that we are very sensitive to the specific needs of men and understand that many men are self-conscious about hair removal. While we treat both women and men, there are many providers that only work with women. Our clientele is comprised of an even mix of both men and women.

We offer full body hair removal and treat private areas upon request.  In addition to full body hair removal, men often request specific areas including facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal and buttocks laser hair removal. We are also well qualified in designing facial hair for men which includes reduction, removal and re-design for the face, cheeks, sideburns, neck and hairline.

Our next article will answer some questions men commonly ask about laser hair removal.

If you or a gentleman you know are considering full body hair removal, hair removal on a specific area, or hair reduction, don’t settle for an inferior alternative such as laser hair removal or electrolysis at a spa or hair removal center that is not experienced or qualified.  Make an appointment at Manhattan Laser Centers to ensure you receive the best laser hair removal in NYC!

Laser Hair Removal

We are continuing to answer your questions about men and laser hair removal.  New York City has many laser hair removal centers, but few that serve men.  At Manhattan Laser Centers, we serve both men and women and are also gender agnostic and a LGBTQ safe zone.

We are continuing to answer more of your questions about laser hair removal for men:

How do you ensure that my laser hair removal looks natural?

Whether you want to focus on a specific area (i.e. facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal, buttocks laser hair removal, etc.) or full body hair removal, we take extra steps to ensure a natural look.  For instance, when we treat shoulders, we also treat the upper arms  and a portion of the upper chest at no additional charge.  This helps the areas blend and look natural. When we treat the back and shoulders, we include the upper arms, full shoulders, upper line of the chest, full back, sides, the back of the neck and the hairline at no additional charge. We even go the extra mile to make the hair fade-in if you are keeping hair on connected areas.

Should I start with one body part or consider more?

It’s up to you.  Some men prefer to start with full upper body, full lower body, or full body hair removal. When treating multiple areas, we greatly discount additional areas and offer a customized price that is less than paying for each separately.

Will laser hair removal become less costly over time?

Absolutely. Some areas may require less sessions. Your intervals between sessions will also become longer. The majority of the laser hair removal process occurs within the first 6-8 sessions.  After that, we can easily schedule your follow-up sessions either immediately or several weeks down the road.

Do you perform laser hair removal on private areas?

Yes. We do not discriminate and you do not need to feel self-conscious about discussing any topic or area. We have several clients who have laser hair removal on their genitals and buttocks for esthetics and/or hygiene reasons.

You deserve the best laser hair removal in NYC.  Not only are we experienced and qualified, but we serve everyone and are honest and transparent with our pricing.  Give us a call to schedule your first laser hair removal appointment today!

Laser Hair Removal

One reason why Manhattan Laser Centers is considered by many to be the best laser hair removal in NYC is because we proudly serve everyone.  There are several centers that only offer women’s laser hair removal.  New York City has plenty of providers, but few that are gender agnostic and cater to both men and women.

We are continuing our series on laser hair removal for men.  Whether you want to focus on a specific area (i.e. facial laser hair removal, back laser hair removal, buttocks laser hair removal, etc.) or full body hair removal, we can help!

Do I need more than one treatment?

Complete laser hair removal requires multiple sessions.  Although we remove a cycle of hair on your first visit, there are more cycles to come. The good news is that although the next hair cycle will start growing immediately, it won’t reach the surface for nearly a month. You will be able to enjoy a naturally hair free look starting immediately after the first session.

How many sessions will it take to achieve complete laser hair removal?

Another reason we are considered by many to provide the best laser hair removal in NYC is because we are honest and transparent. Laser hair removal for men, especially full body hair removal, generally requires more treatments than it does for women.  The average number of sessions recommended for men is 10.  Any laser hair removal center that suggests less is, in our opinion, doing the customer a great disservice.

What if I cannot come back for a few weeks?

Since the previous hair cycle was incinerated completely during laser hair removal you will not see a coarse or prickly re-growth as experienced with shaving. If you were to miss a session, you may see some fine hair from the next hair cycle. You can avoid this altogether by following the recommended schedule, but if you miss an appointment, take comfort in knowing that any new growth will be fine and appear natural.

What if I don’t want to completely remove all hair?

Whether we are treating a single body part or performing full body hair removal, every treatment is a permanent contribution to your overall results.  Some men decide they want hair reduction rather than complete laser hair removal and either pause the treatments or take longer breaks in-between.

If you want the best laser hair removal in NYC, look no further.  Give your friends at Manhattan Laser Centers a call today!

laser hair removal

When it comes to laser hair removal in New York City, many providers have hidden fees.  They advertise one rate for laser hair removal in a certain area, then add fees.  At Manhattan Laser Centers, we deliver exceptionally high quality, full laser hair removal treatments that cover all necessary parts within the price we advertise.  No two people are alike, which is why all of our laser hair removal services take aesthetics and customization into consideration.

Laser hair removal prices are based on the size of the area.  In some cases, we do recommend additional treatments and will disclose this up front.  For instance, a gentleman with a lot of thick chest hair connected to his back hair may need laser hair removal on his back, sides and chest. Many laser hair removal centers will either charge extra for this without disclosing, or, they will intentionally not treat the sides and leave a straight line, which does not produce a desired outcome.

When it comes to laser hair removal on the shoulders, we evaluate how much of the upper arm should be included to make it look natural.  We also take into consideration how much of the arm should treated so that the client does not need to purchase a separate package to achieve the desired look. We also go the extra mile to make the hair fade in from the untreated portion. We do the same for the upper arms while treating the shoulders.

Our price lists are transparent and straightforward.  Best of all, we do not have the hidden fees of many laser hair removal providers in NYC.  Here is a breakdown of what is included with each body part:

  • Lower legs – includes knees and feet (if necessary)
  • Lower arms – includes hands
  • Full legs – includes thighs knees feet
  • Face – includes the front of the neck, cheeks, and any other area that may have hair (i.e. sideburns, forehead, etc.)
  • Chest – includes stomach and sides
  • Buttocks – includes the center (Brazilian)
  • Back and Shoulders – includes entire shoulders front and back (all the way to the chest hair), back of the neck, hairline, the sides and half of the upper arms. This is the only item men need to purchase to get rid of their back hair.

If you are looking for affordable, experienced, fair-priced laser hair removal, New York City residents need to look no further.  Contact Manhattan Laser Centers and make your appointment today!

Not all hair removal centers welcome men.  When it comes to laser hair removal, New York City residents know that we not only offer quality services, but we welcome everyone! We are gender agnostic and proud to serve both men and women.  And, we are an official LGBTQ safe zone as identified on Google.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common laser hair removal services requested by men:

Permanent Hair Removal

Although men’s hair tends to be thicker, we can perform permanent laser hair removal on men. In fact, it is easier to target coarse hair with the laser, therefore all men and women with thick hair will see an extremely dramatic reduction after the very first sessions. Men come to us to remove hair from different areas of the body, including face, neck, back, arms, legs, underarms, shoulders, ears, chest, legs, stomach, buttocks, and private areas

Hair Reduction

Sometimes men don’t want permanent hair removal, but instead prefer hair reduction.  We can reduce the amount of hair on just about any area of the body. Popular areas for hair reduction for men are chest, arms, legs, front of the neck and under arms.


We have men come to us wanting to re-design their body hair.  Just about anything is possible with our customized laser hair treatments and advanced medical laser technology.

Ingrown Hair

Laser hair removal is often prescribed by doctors for patients who have chronic in-grown hair issues.  We can permanently remove ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Many “laser” providers use pulsed light vs. lasers. Manhattan Laser Centers uses state-of the-art Candela medical lasers.  When looking for an experienced and qualified center for laser hair removal, NYC residents trust Manhattan Laser Centers.  Schedule your appointment today!

What is the Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal?

We are often asked about the difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal.  New York City is chock full of providers who claim that electrolysis is better than laser hair removal.  Here are a few facts so you can decide for yourself.

Electrolysis is an invasive way to perform hair removal. It involves sticking a needle into the skin and literally electrocuting the area in hopes of destroying a single hair follicle. It is meant for white hair that cannot be removed any other way and is not designed to be used on large skin surfaces.  Electrolysis is also not supposed to be performed on a regular basis due to the damage and marks it leaves on the skin.  In fact, those who choose electrolysis vs. laser hair removal must wait long periods (up to nine months depending on age) in between sessions to allow the skin to heal.

Laser hair removal, on the otherhand, is not only effective for hair removal, but it has other positive benefits, including skin rejuvenation and collagen boost.  In fact, we have clients who come to us specifically for those purposes.

When comparing electrolysis to laser hair removal, think about a bicycle vs. a car.  Electrolysis is an older technology that is not considered an alternative to laser hair removal.  On the contrary, laser is faster, more efficient and is actually meant to replace electrolysis.

If you need a reliable, replicable laser hair removal provider in New York City, look no further. When it comes to laser hair removal, NYC residents trust us to provide them with honest, transparent and quality services.  Give Manhattan Laser Centers a call today!

laser hair removal

Ingrown hairs cause bumps and discoloration of the skin.  They can also be very painful.  Imagine if you could permanently get rid of pesky and unsightly ingrown hairs?  Well, you actually can with medical laser hair removal. New York City’s preferred laser hair center offers treatment for ingrown hairs.  In fact, Manhattan Laser Centers are the preferred provider for ingrown hair treatment and laser hair removal in NYC.

First, let’s discuss what actually happens with an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs result when the hair grows back into the skin’s surface.  This often causes a bump and/or discoloration of the skin.  It can become infected and collect puss, and often results in a skin rash.  Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body and are often caused by shaving or waxing.

Ingrown hairs can be treated by medical laser hair removal.  NYC offers many “hair removal” studios, but few actually use medical lasers.  It is important to use a true medical laser when treating ingrown hair.  Laser hair removal of the ingrown hair is often performed in a series of treatments much like traditional laser hair removal. If you have discoloration of the surrounding skin as a result of the ingrown hair, we can help resolve that as well.

If you want to permanently resolve your ingrown hair problem, the only effective way is through medical laser hair removal. NYC residents and anyone in surrounding areas who experience this problem can count on Manhattan Laser Centers to provide them with a permanent solution.  Don’t continue to live with ingrown hairs.  Our staff is highly experienced and our services are very affordable. Schedule your appointment today!